In April of 2002, the world lost a young visionary.

Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice was established in memory of Jayme Anne Lipkin-Moore, a gifted and talented teenager who turned her enormous creative and intellectual talents towards socially-conscious causes.

Jayme was determined to make a difference in the world!

She challenged everyone she knew – both young and old – to join her as she sought to improve education, advance human rights, promote tolerance, encourage diversity and protect the environment.

Jayme’s Fund was inspired by Jayme’s passionate nature, her artwork, writings and thoughtful and heartfelt desire to improve conditions for disenfranchised children. She was eager to educate others on these issues and to mobilize and encourage people to take action!


The mission of Jayme’s Fund is to promote initiatives that support the human rights of all children, and to inspire and educate people of all ages on the importance of these issues.

Additionally, Jayme’s Fund specifically encourages young people to get involved with these issues through its grant of yearly scholarships and opportunities to work with our organization. We work together with the youth-led initiative, Lil’ MDGs to educate and inspire young people to get involved!

Jayme's Fund for Social Justice is a legacy of hope and opportunity, destined to make a significant impact in the lives of others. Please join us. Your generous support is so very much appreciated!

For more information about the Fund, please contact us at 603-622-6667.

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